Hi, I'm Chris

I create interactive websites and web apps

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About Me

I found my passion for programming a few years ago while working on automating processes at George Fox University. From that point, I've loved learning different languages and working on various projects from websites to full-stack applications.

Having a degree and career in business and customer service gives me a unique advantage in that I not only understand projects from the technical side, but also what is required from an administrative and client perspective. I am especially skilled in attention to detail, problem solving, and being an effective communicator. I have extensive experience being an essential member of a team, while also being able to work independently.

Outside of work I enjoy a variety of music, movies, gaming, and consider myself a life-long learner.

My Core Development Principles

  • Write clean, maintainable code
  • Responsive design that is cross-browser compatible
  • Create dynamic sites that keep users engaged


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  • Well-versed in JS ES6 syntax
  • Solid foundation in vanilla JS
  • Experience with jQuery, Vue, and React
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  • Highest proficiency in React
  • Experience building multiple full stack applications using MERN
  • Experience with the latest React syntax including React Router and Hooks
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  • Professional experience with Python (Flask)
  • Professional experience with PHP (Wordpress)
  • Full-stack experience using NodeJS, MongoDB, and Express
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  • Experience using newest CSS features like flexbox, grid, and animations
  • Experience using Styled Components
  • Knowledgeable in SASS preprocessing

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Connect With Me

You can view all my work by clicking on the Github link below.

If you are looking for a full-time developer or are a developer wanting to connect with industry peers, please message me through LinkedIn. I look forward to chatting with you!

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